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  • October 30: New online series

    The Hazlitt comics blog is running my new short series of comics! Here’s the first one, Darla!

  • October 30: PW Best Of!

    SuperMutant Magic Academy has been one of PW’s best comics of 2015!

  • September 30: Ignatz

    Sexcoven won an Ignatz for Best Story at SPX 2015  🙂


  • July 15: Wow!

    This One Summer won an Eisner! And the Canadian Library Association YA Book Award! I’m very grateful–thank you. <3

  • February 9: Awards…!


    Last week was a big week!

    It feels almost unbelievable to write, but This One Summer, which I co-created with my cousin Mariko Tamaki, won a Caldecott honour and a Printz Award.

    Thanks to librarians, for these honours and, just, generally. To be perfectly honest, Mariko and I never thought we were making YA books when we started with SKIM. It was our publishers and librarians who connected us with this wonderful audience. Thank-you for that. <3

  • 2014

  • December 11: Governor General’s Awards

    I am honoured to report that I won a GG award for our book This One Summer. I wrote about it and posted pictures from my week in Ottawa. Here is Mariko and me in the Parliamentary Library.

    phosto 5

  • December 11: SMMA BOOK

    Is forthcoming! Read all about it.

  • June 8: LA signing


  • May 23: Thanks!

    If you came out for our book tour events over the last few weeks… thank you! And thank you for your support of our book. This is This One Summer’s 2nd week on the New York Times Bestsellers list.

    There are more upcoming events in LA, Maryland, and England, listed at left.

  • March 5: This One Summer Stuff

    Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 7.09.11 PM
    You can pre-order our new graphic novel! Amazon. Amazon.ca. IndieBound. And, of course, your local bookstore (highly recommended!)

    The release day of May 6 (and the launch event in Toronto) is coming up! Check out the listings to the left… maybe we can meet up.

  • March 5: 20,000 Leagues Under the Seas

    Available via the Folio Society.


  • January 9: Folio Society Book


    I illustrated another Folio Society book coming out in this spring… I wonder what it is…

  • 2013

  • October 28: THIS ONE SUMMER! Cover revealed!

    Happy to share the cover of our next graphic novel, out of the spring. My cousin Mariko Tamaki and I discuss it on the LA Times blog. More info here too.

    Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 10.14.39 AM

  • September 15: Ignatz!

    My webcomic SuperMutant Magic Academy won another Ignatz this year! Insane! Thank you SPX. <3

  • July 19: Tumblr

    I started a Tumblr version of the sketchblog. Hopefully it’s a little easier if you’re a Tumblr user. For now, I’ll just keep on updating both blogs simultaneously.

  • April 17: SMMA Minis

    Some minis leftover from MoCCA are now in shops: The Beguiling (Toronto), Secret Headquarters (LA), Librairie Drawn + Quarterly (Montreal), GOSH! Comics (London, UK), and Desert Island (Brooklyn).

  • February 18: BABY GENIUSES!

    I was on my friend Lisa’s (and new friend Emily’s) very funny podcast, BABY GENIUSES. Listen if you dare.

  • February 18: SOI and MoCCA Fest

    I am pleased to announce that I am the Chair(woman?) of the Society of Illustrators Annual Show. The show is a juried competition; the winning entries appear gallery shows in the Society’s NYC location, the annual book, and a select number of them will appear in a traveling show.

    Perhaps on a related note, I am also a Special Guest at this year’s MoCCA Festival, which is now under the stewardship of the Society of Illustrators. The festival April 6-7, in NYC.

  • February 18: Slate Cartoonist Studio Prize

    My webcomic, SuperMutant Magic Academy, was nominated for a Slate Cartoonist Studio prize! Thanks Slate, Center for Cartoon Studies, and Françoise Mouly.

  • January 29: Pencil Factory Feature

    Print Magazine has just published an “oral history” of the Pencil Factory, my spiritual studio. I participated in the “discussion”, which you can read here.

  • January 29: Society of Illustrators 55

    I have a piece in the upcoming Editorial show at the Society of Illustrators. Details can be found here; the opening is on Feb 1.

  • January 7: Podcast

    I was lucky enough to sit in on Sam Weber’s podcast interview with Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing. You can listen to that here.

  • 2012

  • December 30: Notable Op-Ed Art

    My illustration about Tricholtillomania was included in this selection of Notable Opinion Art on the New York Times website.

  • December 19: Studio Closed

    The Studio will be closed from Dec 19-27. Happy Holidays!

  • December 19: NYT Best Books

    I helped the New York Times pick their favourite book covers of 2012. The book I chose, I Saw a Peacock with a Fiery Tail, is published by an Indian publisher, Tara Books. It’s a visualization of a 17th century “trick” poem, and uses die-cuts cleverly to tell the story. You can read about it and watch a reading here.

  • November 14: Best American Comics 2012

    SuperMutant Magic Academy got an honorable mention nod in this year’s edition of Best American Comics, edited by Francoise Mouly. Here are Marsha and Wendy participating in the introduction page. (Click to enlarge.)

    Pic courtesy D&Q blog.

  • November 9: I Blogged

    I wrote a little article entitled “On Drawing and Illustration and the Difference Between the Two” on my blog. It’s about what I wish art students knew about the nature of being a professional illustrator.


  • October 3: Studio Closed

    The studio will be closed from Oct 8 – 15. I will be periodically checking email.

  • September 23: SMMA News

    My webcomic, SuperMutant Magic Academy, won an Ignatz at the Small Press Expo in Maryland. Thank you voters! ♥

  • March 28: Summer Events

    I’m going to be at the Oslo Comics Expo in June. I’m on the Seriemord panel (Friday, 9), the “Canadian Invasion” panel at (Sat, 1), and the “Canadian Art” panel (Sat, 3). The full schedule is here.

    Also in June: ICON Conference. I’ll be talking about sketchbooks with John Cuneo and Marcellus Hall.

    LASTLY. I’m in the new Nowbrow collection. UK and Euros can pre-order now. Other, watch this space.

  • February 3: Lisa Hanawalt! Eleanor Davis!

    I’m participating in a talk at the Society of Illustrators on Feb 23rd with Lisa Hanawalt and Eleanor Davis. Info here!


  • January 18: Society of Illustrators 2011

    I recently won two gold medals from the Society of Illustrators, in the book and institutional categories. You can view two of my Penguin Threads embroideries at the upcoming Book show at the Society here in NYC. Info for the opening is here.

  • 2011

  • September 23: [Archived 2011 News]

    Nov 13, 2011. I was recently on Sam Weber’s podcast “Your Dreams My Nightmares”. Listen to our conversation here.

    Oct 24, 2011.I will be at a Best American Comics 2011 launch event at BookCourt in Brooklyn tomorrow, Oct 25, 7pm.

    Oct 3, 2011. Some of my work has been acquired by the Library of Congress.

    I’m giving a talk at Art Center next week.

    I’m in the current issue of NYLON. Fashion, baby.

    July 28, 2011.

    I made a poster with Jon Han for Ballroom Marfa, an arts/cultural space in Texas. Would you like to buy it? It’s professionally silkscreen’d and big and beautiful. Read more about the project here.

    July 5, 2011. I will be on vacation until July 14. Please email me at jill (AT) jilliantamaki (DOT) com if you’d like to get in touch.

    The contest WINNERS!

    June 24, 2011. I’m holding a little contest to win some books n’ stuff.

    June 3, 2011.

    The Walrus Summer Reading cover is available for purchase!

    UNTIL JULY 1 ONLY, the print is 25% off, at $375 CDN. The regular price is $500 (unframed). All proceeds directly benefit The Walrus Foundation. And how about this: show me proof of purchase and I will send you a small, postcard-sized drawing + goodies, on the house.

    May 31, 2011.

    A totebag for the Walrus! Available for purchase now… only 10 buckeroos!

    May 23, 2011. Here’s an interview I did for Illustration Mundo.

    May 13, 2011. I’m very pleased to announce that my short comic “Domestic Men of Mystery” will be included in this year’s Best American Comics! The piece originally ran as Fathers Day “Op-Art” on the Op-Ed page of the New York Times. You can read the comic in it’s entirety here. The book will be available later in the year but you can pre-order on Amazon.

    Thanks Alison Bechdel, Jessica Abel and Matt Madden! And thanks again to Aviva Michaelov for originally commissioning the piece.

    Apr 25, 2011. I will be a featured guest at TCAF this year. Neat!

    Saturday Schedule:

    Signing, D+Q Table: 1:30-3:30

    Panel: A6: Balancing a Canadian Identity w/ Working in the Mainstream
    Panelists: Kathryn and Stuart Immonen
    Moderated by Robin McConnell
    Location: The Pilot
    Time: 3:30 – 4:30

    What part does being a Canadian play in a comic creator’s storytelling? With many of the largest comics companies being based in the United States, and publishers and an audience that have a US sensibility, how do Canadian creators retain their sense of self while working on liscenced properties, or even graphic novels edited and published by people not from the same country that they are? This panel examines the Canadian identity in terms of the mainstream comics market.


    Saturday Schedule:

    Panel: U2: Illustration
    Panelists: Lorenzo Mattoti
    Moderated by Caitlin McGurk
    Location: The Pilot
    Time: 12:30 – 1:30

    Many cartoonists also have a career in illustration. Come listen to four prestigious comics artists and illustrators discuss the difference between creating in a narrative form (comics) and a static one (illustration).

    Signing, D+Q Table: 1-3

    Mar 31, 2011. MoCCA Events:

    Friday, April 8, 4.30PM: I’m signing at The Strand. Creators will be signing throughout the day.

    Saturday, April 9: I’ll be at MoCCA (Lex Ave Armory, check the above link for details), D&Q booth, 12-2.

    You can pick up a copy of Indoor Voice at both events. SKIM may be available in limited quantities. I’m always happy to meet you and sign a book you’ve already bought, of course.

    Other Stuff:

    I felt an Embroidery section was warranted on this website, now that the Penguin Threads series has dropped. I blogged about that here if you’d like to learn more.

    Mar 19, 2011. 1. Indoor Voice was nominated for a Doug Wright Award! The awards ceremony will be at TCAF, which I will also be attending. Details TBA.

    2. I will be signing at the D&Q table at MoCCA. Details TBA.

    3. I will be participating/signing at The Strand, the friday before MoCCA. Details TBA.

    Mar 12, 2011. 1. Mariko Tamaki and I are collaborating on a new graphic novel.

    Groundwood Books publisher Patsy Aldana has acquired Canadian rights to Awago Beach Babies, a new graphic novel by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki, about teenagers in cottage country and a Burger King in Niagara Falls that makes girls pregnant. World rights excluding Canada have gone to New York publisher First Second Books. The deal was arranged by Sam Hiyate at The Rights Factory.

    2. I am featured in the current issue (Mar/Apr) of Communication Arts.

    3. I contributed a piece to this Giant Robot charity show, which opens Mar 19:

    Feb 25, 2011. I will be speaking at the California College of Arts in March. It’ll be a joint presentation with Sam Weber. Info here.

    Jan 5, 2011.

    You can follow my webcomic “SuperMutant Magic Academy” via Tumblr now: http://mutantmagic.com/

    Jan 5, 2011. I will be attending TCAF this year! I also made the poster.

  • 2010

  • September 24: [Archived 2010 News]

    Dec 29, 2010.
    I am looking for an embroidery assistant. More info here.

    Dec 21, 2010. The studio is CLOSED from today until Dec 30th. I will be unavailable by phone, but please email me if you need to get in touch: jill (AT) jilliantamaki (DOT) com.

    Oct 25, 2010. The studio is CLOSED from today until Nov 9th. I will be checking email in the interim, but not taking jobs. See below for signings and whatnot in Amsterdam and Belgium.

    Oct 21, 2010.

    Skim will soon be available in another language. So far we’re up to French, Japanese, Spanish, Dutch… Italian and Portuguese are to come! The publisher is Sherpa of the Dutch edition and we will be going to Holland and Belgium in a little under two weeks!

    Here is a list of events:

    Tues, Nov 2
    5: Presentation and Press Release, Lambiek (Amsterdam, Holland)

    Wed, Nov 3
    Lecture/Workshop, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam. (closed to public.)
    4-6: Signing, Stripwinkel SJORS bookshop (Dordrecht, Holland)

    Thurs, Nov 4
    3-5.30: Signing, De Stripkever (Mechelen, Belgium)

    Fri, Nov 5
    12-2: Signing, Het B-Gevaar (Brussels, Belgium)
    4-6: Signing, Het Besloten Land (Leuven, Belgium)

    Sat, Nov 6
    11-4: Launch and Signings, Stripkunstbeurs/Comic Art Show (Utrecht, Brussels)

    (If you’re an illustrator and have no interest in comics at all, please also come say hi! I will not pressure sell to you!)

    Sept 17, 2010. I’m in this issue of Giant Robot!

    Sept 5, 2010. I was recently interviewed by Canadian Art magazine on the topic of comics. It’s a great introduction to the form.

    School’s almost here! I am teaching in the Illustration department at SVA this year. Sophomore Drawing for Illustrations I, brace yourself!

    July 29, 2010. I will be at the Brooklyn Book Festival on September 12th, signing Indoor Voice and participating on MoCCA’s comics panel, tentatively titled, “Comics and Form: Is the Medium Still the Message?”

    Do comics change when they are released from their traditional print medium? And how? Creators, publishers and developers will combine to discuss the expanding boundaries of the comics format. Robert Berry (Ulysses Seen), Ben Katchor (Julius Knipl: Real Estate Photographer),Jillian Tamaki (Skim). Moderated by Columibia University librarian Karen Green. 4:00 PM, NORTH STAGE

    Festival Address:

    I will also be signing Indoor Voice and the D&Q booth, probably around 1.30-3.30 PM.

    July 29, 2010.

    My new Drawn & Quarterly Petit-Livre Indoor Voice is now available! You can read my thoughts about the project here, if you like. You can buy the book here or on Amazon.

    I’m a D&Q’er. Life is but a dream…

    July 27, 2010. New Website! It’s still a bit rough around the edges, but I’ll give’r the spit polish when I get a bit more time. As some of you noticed, I had some major issues with hacking on the last one. WordPress. Good riddance.

    July 11, 2010.

    It’s almost time for some California Dreamin’.

    Going to ICON6? Maybe I’ll see you there. I usually don’t wear the nametags though because it makes me feel dweeby.

    SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON! This is my first SDCC and I am a featured guest AND my little petit-livre Indoor Voice will debut there! Holy Crow. Here is my schedule, as it stands now… all signings will be conducted out of the D&Q booth. Please come to see me!

    3-4: Signing, D&Q booth [I am praying to the comic gods I will be there on time…. flying in from SF but a few hours before]

    2–3: Graphic Novels: The Personal Touch—You know when you read it: that certain something that sticks out in a graphic novel. It’s the personal touch, a work that draws on the life of the creator or the people around him or her. Call the work autobiographical, call it reality—many times it results in truly personal and inspiring comics. Comics creator and journalist Shaenon Garrity (Narbonic, Skin Horse) talks to Comic-Con special guests Gabrielle Bell (Cecil & Jordan in New York), Howard Cruse (Stuck Rubber Baby), Vanessa Davis (Make Me a Woman), Larry Marder (Beanworld), Jillian Tamaki (Skim), and Carol Tyler (You’ll Never Know Book 1: A Good and Decent Man) about their very personal work. Room 4

    3-5: Signing, D&Q booth

    11–12: Spotlight on Jillian Tamaki—Comic-Con special guest Jillian Tamaki has taken both the illustration and comics worlds by storm. Her graphic novel Skim, was a New York Times Best Book of the Year, and also was nominated for a Governor General Award. Her drawings can be found in the NYT, Oprah, New Yorker, and Esquire. Tamaki will discuss the process of Skim, collaborating with a writer and the difference between comics and illustration. Room 3

    12-3: Signing, D&Q booth

    July 19, 2010.

    I wrote and drew a comic that is appearing in the New York Times this Sunday, June 20th. View it at nytimes.com. I shared the Op-Ed page with Nick Kristof… what an amazing honour!